Discussion Papers (Auswahl seit 2010)

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Der britische Mindestlohn, Erfahrungen und „Lehren“ aus der britischen Niedriglohnkommission (LPC) für die deutsche Mindestlohnkommission, mimeo, 70 pages, pdf-download

Youth Unemployment in India: From a European and Transitional Labour Market Point of View, Bonn 2015, IZA Policy Paper No. 95


Inklusives Wachstum: Hat das Europäische Sozialmodell eine Zukunft?; pdf-download

Inclusive Growth: What Future for the European Social Model?, Bonn, IZA Policy Paper No. 82, pdf-download


Youth Unemployment in Korea: From a German and Transitional Labour Market Point of View, Bonn, IZA Policy Paper No. 63; pdf-download

Inclusive Growth: What Future for the European Social Model?, Brussels, OSE-Opinion Paper No. 


Policy Measures to Address Polarisation of the Labour Market: Lessons to Korea from Germany and Europe, 54 pp. pdf-download


Reform of the Working Hour Scheme: Recommendation for Korea from Experiences in Europe, 39 pp. pdf-download

Sharing Transition Risks: Towards a System of Employment Insurance, Aalborg 2012, CARMA Research paper 2012:1



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